About Us



We are specialized in recruiting senior positions (Manager and above) we have very good data base in the following areas across the globe:

IT Software (in all technologies)
HR, Sales and Admin
Infrastructure (Civil, Electrical)
Manufacturing Industry

We are preferred


Focused Approach due to vertical & horizontal segmentation giving specialized service to client
Our team has Industry Knowledge
Closing Ability with Sense of Urgency
Our response time is very less



1. Based on the skill set and experience requirements, we will identify suitable candidates.
2. We would take complete responsibility of initial screening of Candidates and brief them about the company and position.
3. Scheduling and coordinating the Interviews

Pricing Terms


We will Charge the following referral fees below.
1. Offshore: for both Technical and non technical 8.33% of Annual Gross Salary on joining of the candidate.
2. Onsite : 10% Annual Gross Salary on joining of the candidate

Replacement Clause


1.In the event a selected candidate leaves within 30 days of joining, we will replace another candidate for the same position for free of cost, Within 30 days from the date of intimation of replacement required.
2.In case of non fulfilment of the above we will refund the entire amount.